The ATS Advantage

The ATS Feeder Competitive Advantage

Automation Technical Services Quad Tyco Electronic Tape Feeders increase your competitive advantage by extending your ROI in Quad Tyco Pick & Place assembly equipment, saving you from the unnecessary expense of replacing that equipment before it is necessary.

ATS-designed Quad Tyco Electronic Tape Feeders extend the life of your
equipment investment by 5-10 years.

ATS-designed Feeders have improved the way hundreds of OEM and contract manufacturers assemble their products by providing an accurate, reliable, low-to-no-maintenance solution for adapting existing equipment for placing 0201 components.

ATS Quad Tyco Electronic Tape Feeders for 0201 components reduce
component loss by 98% over existing feeders

Automation Technical Services ships every Quad Tyco Electronic Tape Feeder with a Certificate of Repeatability and provides a Lifetime Guarantee.

Of the over 2500 Feeders we have sold since going into business, only 12 have
been sent back for service.

If one of our Feeders ever needs to be returned, a replacement Feeder will be on
its way within 24 hours of establishing an RMA.

Automation Technical Services Quad Tyco Electronic Tape Feeders are currently in operation with OEM and contract manufacturers providing products for the Medical Devices, Defense, Aerospace and Consumer Electronics industries.

Automation Technical Services has the only Quad Tyco Tape Feeder that ships
with a certificate of repeatability.

To increase your competitive advantage, choose ATS Electronic Tape Feeders.

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