Cut Tape Feeder Finger

Automation Technical Services Cut Tape Feeder Finger

The Cut Tape Feeder Finger is designed to improve the efficiency of your existing feeders by significantly reducing changeover and setup times. Simply push the tape-and-reel components into the Feeder Finger and index the feeder. The first component is ready to be picked. With the Feeder Finger you will cut loading and unloading times to a fraction of the loading time for conventional feeders. The Feeder Finger also handles cut tape with ease and eliminates splicing and the use of strip feeders.

Automation Technical Services Feeder Image

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Key benefits

  • Attaches to your existing feeder
  • Handles cut tape
  • Loads in less than 10 seconds—saves hours
    of operator time every day
  • Eliminates splicing
  • Significantly reduces component waste
  • Eliminates cover tape jams
  • Increases your competitive advantage

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